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Top 6 Most Beautiful Cities In The World. No. 5 And 6 Are Very Beautiful (opinion)

Top 6 Most Gorgeous Urban Areas On The Planet

By Postman

Les gouts et les couleurs on ne discute pas. So positioning urban communities, and what they offer, may seem like a mission inconceivable as we as a whole have our undisputed top choices. However, a few urban communities are so especially gorgeous that they ought to be on everybody's list of must-dos. These are my number one 6 urban communities on the planet!

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The Dutch capital's fundamental channels are lined by great many memorable block structures, shaping a tasteful consistency that house landmarks, private condos, eateries, in vogue bistros, and even massage parlors.

This is without a doubt perhaps of the most enchanting and stylish city in the world, a shocking a latticework of heartfelt scaffolds and trenches, pleasant cobbled roads, strikingly rich design, and bicycles, heaps of bicycles.


The Czech capital is named "the city of the thousand towers" in light of numerous verifiable landmarks have been delightfully saved and date from essentially every period ever.

Prague's most renowned fascination are the extensions that cross the Vltava River, particularly the incredibly exquisite Charles Bridge, however the amazingly gorgeous Old Town Square and Prague Castle are similarly noteworthy.

Add the cobblestone roads and climatic rear entryways that crisscross through town, and you realize that couple of different urban communities amuse the faculties as much as Prague.

To partake in a snow-shrouded Prague without pushing through hordes of individual tourists, consider a heartfelt winter trip.


Beyond question, Hong Kong, additionally named the "Pearl of the Orient" has one of the most shot and great city horizons on the planet.

The transcending high rises and cutting edge structures that are set against the lavish mountain background make a stunning, metropolitan landscape that is unrivaled on the planet.

Other than its horizon, Hong Kong is likewise known for its energetic way of life, well disposed individuals, a breathtaking harbor, heaps of shopping and its large number of cafés and foods.


Great squares, extremely old holy places, popular avenues, the Seine and heartfelt extensions that cross it, grand castles, and Montmartre's cobblestone roads make Paris the most exciting and exquisite of all urban areas.

The City of Light has not just motivated painters, artists, authors, writers and arrangers yet in addition basically every significant world capital, with each city asserting its own Champs-Elysèes.

Journey on the Seine or watch the world pass by from a bistro porch or and it's straightforward why such countless individuals fall head over heels for Paris.


That's what there's a Brazilian saying "God made the world in six days, the seventh he gave to Rio". Favored with perhaps of the most emotional setting on the planet, Rio never disappoints its guests.

Anybody remaining by the amazingly popular Corcovado sculpture or at the highest point of the Sugarloaf Mountain will encounter one of the globe's most interesting scenes, as the dark blue of the Atlantic Ocean blends in with the radiant white of the sandy sea shores and the new green of the lavish tropical vegetation.

Indeed, this is to be sure "the sublime city" as local people call it.


Diletantish, bohemian and incredibly lovely, San Francisco's stunning sound loans the sensation of an ocean side hotel to this city of 43 slopes.

No other city in the USA and not many on the planet are as adored by its occupants as the Bay City.

With a wealth of attractions, for example, chime ringing trolleys, fantastic scaffolds, scandalous Alcatraz, the Ferry Building (a foodies heaven) and obviously the ocean lions at Pier 39, investigating this glorious city on a bike is ideal.

By Postman

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