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Where does your poop go while in an airplane? See How Pilots Dispose Poops In Plane

Have you ever wondered what happens to your feces when you use the restroom on an airplane? However, many individuals have misconceptions regarding this, leading to the question "where does your poop go on an airplane?"

When we're on a plane, we have a propensity to want to defecate, but technology has made it so simple that all you have to do is go to the plane bathroom and relieve yourself.

After boarding the plane and flushing the bathroom, you will hear a noise, which some may mistakenly believe is the sound of excrement exiting the plane. No, that is not the case. Actually, when you must have flushed the toilet, the waste travels through the line that connects the lavatory and the tank at the back of the plane. However, the tank can only be accessed from the outside of the plane, and the waste is not disposed of during flight; rather, it is emptied from the tank once the plane has been safely landed. The tank is emptied by a special service truck, which connects to the tank via a hose and suctions out all of the waste. Once all of the garbage has been removed, the tank is disinfected.

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