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Immigration policy

Finally || Top ANC Member say no foreigner will enter the country from this day

Only Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi is doing anything besides napping and stealing ANC money while the South African economy is slowly taken over by illegal foreigners.

President Cyril Ramaphosa, despite the fact that these foreigners come to South Africa to rob our young people of their employment, refuses to confront the issue of illegal immigration by referring to them as investors. ANC member and Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi was questioned by Thembelani, one of South Africa's most notable journalists, last night and he was asked by Thembelani why he is denying entry to foreigners. A visa is not required for foreigners to enter South Africa, according to Aaron Motsoaledi. You can enter South African territory only if you have a visa. All travelers to South Africa must have a current, valid passport.

South Africans' fear of foreigners is not necessarily xenophobic; rather, it implies that foreigners who come to Southern Africa destroy Prasa Rail infrastructure in broad daylight, build shacks next to malls and suburb areas with little regard for the consequences, hijack cars and commit daylight robberies, and sell drugs to innocent youth in South Africa are doing so with little regard for the consequences.

Most of the people that participate in this activity are from other nations. South Africans are constantly at odds with them because of their nasty behavior. Foreigners must modify their bad behavior and start behaving like typical South Africans if they want to be welcomed in the country. To prevent their country from being overrun by illegal immigrants, South Africans must act quickly now. You must deport all illegal immigrants from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Pakistan, China, Indians, and Whites as soon as you possibly can.

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