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OPINION| South African Government Must Not Allow Flights From China as They Have the New Virus

Flights cancelled, schools closed as China fights virus outbreak

They want to push it after elections and say it has arrived once again from China, wait until it hits SA. Now we are still waiting to Queue for the elections and vote while Ramabillions doesn't cut ties and trades with China, until we have another worse outbreak in SA. People are going to die, many of them, can China be canceled as a country hle n they must live in their own planet which is them only we can't live like this, we are still fighting their Corona virus now it's another one 

These people want us to die, they're bringing another disease Is not going to work to African soil Mr Flauci and Dr Billy Gate. South African government must not allow flights from China now they must be on our red list, the whole world should just isolate itself from china a bit because its clearly the cause of this "pandemic

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