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Why Are Zimbabwean Moving To South Africa If Their Cities Are Developed Like This? PHOTOS

Zimbabwe is known for its top attractions that are well worth a visit, and tourists adore seeing the beautiful cities there that reflect its culture and customs.

The majority of people believe that there are sharks and mud huts everywhere in Zimbabwe. Given Zimbabwe's economy, some people think it could be hard to find a pleasant place to stay. I'll be highlighting some stunning cities in Zimbabwe that are even more developed than those in South Africa in my piece today. But my main concern is why Zimbabweans are fleeing their nation when their cities are thus advanced.


Harare, which serves as both the nation's capital and largest metropolis, is home to around three million people. From its CBD, the country's financial center, endless steel-clad high rises rise, and the city's downtown and First Street are bustling with shoppers and snarling traffic from morning until night. Additionally, history is preserved exceptionally well thanks to institutions like the National Gallery, the renowned Queen Victoria Museum, and the numerous historic pioneer structures.

Aside from that, you may see lots of visitors enjoying their evenings in some lovely parks and meandering through the abundant jacarandas that line the streets.


After Harare, it is the second-largest city in this country. We have included Bulawayo in our list of the top 10 cities in Zimbabwe because of its rich social history. It is one of Zimbabwe's oldest and most important historical towns. Without a doubt, a vacation to Zimbabwe is not complete without stopping by this renowned Zimbabwean city. Bulawayo is a notable automotive center for Southern Africa and one of Zimbabwe's most stunning cities.

People used to think that the reason so many Zimbabweans migrate to South Africa is because they are underdeveloped and live in one of the poorest countries in Africa, but I think the images above dispel that notion. These areas in Zimbabwe are more developed than those in South Africa, nevertheless. Additionally, some Zimbabweans are doing very well, and we also have more money than some of the South Africans who make fun of Zimbabweans. My main issue, though, is why Zimbabweans are fleeing their nation when they have cities that are as lovely and developed as those mentioned above. Please leave a remark below with your thoughts.

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