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PICS: The Funniest And Unusual Names Of African Foreigners

There is a stereotype that African foreigners have the most random and hilarious names. Well, it is true.

Namibians become laughing stocks on Twitter when a few IDs with their unusual names made it on the Twitter timeline.

A lot of South Africans thought that it was only Zimbabweans with very random and unusual names. It turns out that Namibian parents also don’t mind giving their children names that may cause a lot of teasing.

@fish_dzangu_ma1 posted the pictures on his Twitter account and captioned it, “ Namibia woyeee!!!”

The comments section of the tweet was flooded with comments from people laughing at the names. Others shared other pictures of unusual names.

Namibians did not want to be the only ones who were laughed at some they posted hilarious Zimbabwean names. Here are some Zimbabwean nationals with very unusual names.

Which country has people with the worst and most hilarious names. Namibia or Zimbabwe? Share your opinion on the comments section.

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