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Devastating news for tourism and so sad for families who were going to be reunited over Christmas


UK imposes a travel ban on SADC region including SA, scientists are already shouting from their rooftops calling for lockdowns to be imposed. They claim that even vaccines may not fully protect the people against this dangerous variant, there we go again and now Gauteng is said to have above a 1000 new positive cases. Your travel vax certificate must be updated with booster shots after 9 months and if not you are regarded as unvaxxed. Healthcare workers in SA most of them are not taking it and still remain unvaxxed. SA so capable in testing Covid when it can't run DNA evidence labs while GBV is killing our women. Check how activity they have become after this unknown variant, even N3 could be sanitized. I never thought that my life would be prolonged this long to witness this. Many of those who are no longer with us must be watching this hugger mugger, from another spaceNot a single pootician has lost his or her job in South Africa including other countries. Many people have lost their businesses, jobs, and so on while these Garfields go to bed with their bellies full. We have a so-called National Covid Command Council with no legislative powers, deciding on lockdowns and many other regulations carrying no scientific sense. These fat cats continue to live on lap of luxury at the expense of the people

Not only that they haven't lost their jobs in the midst of the pandemic, their rapacity festered to incredible high levels to such an extent that over R500 billion in recovery funds grew legs and vanished at a neck breaking speed, while truck loads of food parcels destined to the indigent were redirected to these predatory cretin's houses, heartlessly stolen, resold and or used as a bait for the needy to grovel towards them, while the likes of Lindiwe Zulu continuously spoke immensely about R350s pittance, and many starved. Besides, their perks remained fat, too no wonder many Afro Africans, continentally, believe that being in politics is the ultimate

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