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Inside The World's First Glass Underwater Hotel Suite At Conrad Maldives (Photos)

The Muraka undersea hotel room is a two-story building with an elevator. Living room, bedroom, glass bathroom with an egg-shaped tub overlooking the sea, a kitchen and bar, a gym, butler's quarters as well as an infinity pool and deck overlooking the sunset are all located on a floating platform atop the water's surface. The Conrad Maldives is the world's first underwater hotel, and it is located in the Maldives.

The underwater suite, which is 17.4 feet below sea level on the ocean floor and features a beautiful king-sized bedroom, bathroom, and living room area, is reached via a curving staircase that descends from the surface. The suite's clear, shiny, and curved acrylic dome-shaped ceiling, as well as its all-glass walls, provide 180-degree views of the marine life in the surrounding area. Being completely submerged in the sea gives the impression of being in a larger-than-life aquarium.

The undersea kitchen and bathroom are a particular attraction. Sightseeing opportunities include thousands of stingrays and tropical fish, as well as nurse sharks feeding on a bed of vibrant coral, which can be seen directly through the glass wall by guests or tourists.

The underwater hotel can accommodate a total of nine people at a time. Additionally, the hotel has a submerged restaurant where tourists and guests can enjoy delectable cuisine.

The Muraka Underwater Hotel is depicted in the following stunning photographs.

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