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‘She Cannot Leave North Korea’, And 4 Other Rules The Wife Of Kim Jung-Un Must Follow

It is without a doubt one of the countries with some of the most bizarre policies on the planet. Most people are aware of how North Koreans are treated, and while not everyone has the opportunity to travel to the country, those who have had the opportunity to do so have learned some surprising truths about the country's culture. 

Some of these facts are related to Kim Jung-wife Un's situation and the stringent rules she is required to adhere to. For example: 

She is unable to exit North Korea due to a political impasse. 

If Sol-Ju, Kim Jung's wife, Un's is unable to travel outside of the country unless her husband decides to take her on one of his official visits, which is very impossible, she will be unable to travel outside of the country at all. 

I'm unable to go out in public due to a medical condition. 

Kim Jung's wife, Un, is unable to make public appearances due to security considerations. Apart from their wives, North Korean leaders are extremely conscientious about how they present themselves in public. They don't want their children to be seen alone in public places by strangers. 

Her haircut and clothing code were not decisions she made on her own, according to her. 

Kim Jung-wife Un is not permitted to dress however she wishes; she is required to abide to the dress code. In most cases, he chooses the Sol-(Kim ju's Jung's wife) dress code and haircut, and he does so in accordance with the image he wishes to create in public. 

She will have to give up her given name as part of the agreement.

Kim Jung-Un is a mysterious figure who keeps almost everything a secret from the public. Due to the fact that her birth name is considered private, Kim Jung-wife Un is not permitted to keep it; nevertheless, giving up her birth name also necessitates her giving up her first and last names. 

Having children as soon as possible 

Despite the fact that some people believe that marriage entails partners recognizing and tolerating each other's point of view and worldview, Kim Jung-Un believes that his perspective is the only one that counts. As previously reported, Sol-Ju is likely to become a mother shortly after her marriage to Kim Jung-Un is consummated. This is due to Kim Jung-yearning Un's for an heir to the throne, and it is predicted that the coupling will result in the birth of a boy.

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