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The 7 Worst Mistakes SA Travellers Rookies Make—and How to Avoid Them

It is that time of the year where people wants to go on holidays, pamper themselves and get a breath of fresh air. It sounds like fun until you try to be hands on and prepare for traveling. Sometimes you may think that you have packed everything only to find that you forgot something that is important.

Even though we are in a middle of a pandemic but an individual needs a breather. If you are planning travel and you are not sure on what to do, you have come to the right place. These are the things to consider when you want to have a successful and less stressful vacation. 

1. VISA requirements.

Make sure that you have a VISA in place, check if it is about to expire or not. You might have your VISA in place, prepare everything and ready on to find out that it will expire soon or it has expired. In some other countries, they allow travellers to have a VISA that will have an expiry that may be longer than six months. So it is better to make sure that everything is on point. 

2. Avoid booking everything.

To make things easier for ourselves we tend to book everything in advance. It is an easy and convenience way of doing things. Booking everything might give you a hard time, it might happen that you change your mind about food for an example, but since you have already made a booking, you are forced to buy from that certain place. Booking everything may also waste your money. It is better to book something of vitality like a place to sleep, other things you will see them as the time goes on. It will also help you able to choose anything at any given time. 

3. Organising your trip.

It is important to organise your trip in advance. It is important to know what to pack and what not to pack. Find out what is not allowed at the airport and avoid over packing. Know about the country you are visiting so that you will know what to bring and what not to bring. 

4. Travel insurance.

It is vital to always have a plan B just in case things does not go according to plan. If you happen to have broken something or in an accident, that is where an insurance will help you. Sometimes you might be sick, maybe because from the change of scenery. In that case you might also need an insurance. To know which insurances are better, it is best to do the research. 

5. Informing credit card company about your travelling.

Informing your bank about your traveling will help so that they know that it is you who is using it. If you have not informed them , when you use your card they may assume that someone is committing fraud and they will block your card. How are you going to continue with your travelling if you can not be able to use your card?

6. Edit your phone plan.

Phone bills differs from place to place, it is better to make updates on your phone before travelling. Make sure that you can be able to use on phone on roaming or any kind so that it does not hinder.

your network coverage and that might lead in you buying another phone or trying to get a new sim card which may be difficult. 

7. Exchanging money at the airport 

Most people have got a tendency of changing money at the airport. Exchanging money at the airport will cost you more than you think. They know that you are desperate, they are your last option, obviously they will cost you a lots of money. It is only advisable to exchange money only for hotels and food at least.

Have a safe trip.

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