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The beauty of Konka from the inside and outside, check these amazing pictures

Everyone loves nice things and Konka is one of those nice and beautiful things that everyone wants to visit, sadly no everyone can go there as it requires a lot of money either to be able to enjoy yourself. Konka is the most expensive restaurant and night club in South Africa

This is how it looks like from the inside, you can see it yourself that this place got its people, not just people from urban areas, this is a top class chilling spot for businessmen and women not people depending on one monthly salary, they won't make it here.

Shauna Mkhize (Mamkhize) was spotted there together with her family having so much fun. She is a well known rich businesswoman here in South Africa at the moment

Konka is not going anywhere, it is here to stay and people who got real money are loving it as they drink and eat peacefully with no disturbance from those who always wants to be given leftovers

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Konka Mamkhize Shauna Mkhize South Africa


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