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"Look who we discover" a tourist shares a picture of a giant man they discover in forest of Tarzan.

They are brave people who don't mind traveling around the world, especially in the jungles they know nothing about, some of these tourists say they are exploring the jungles because they come across unusual things or people and they also learn about nature and they get to share with the rest of the world.

A tourist takes it to Twitter sharing a picture of a giant man they met in the forest of Tarzan, and captioned the post as "See who we discovered yesterday in the forest of Congo Basin ‘African Tarzan’ "

The picture is showing the lady, his tourist friend on the right side, and in the middle that's the giant man they met, the giant is taller than them at least they got him wearing clothes though he was walking barefoot. I think he did not have shoes on because his feet are big he struggles to get his size.

When people saw the post they could not hold themselves but to make fun of the giant's feet that's the only the that interested them, read the comments below on the screenshots.


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African Congo Basin Tarzan


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