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The travel bans are good because it will save other countries from spreading the new variant


As I've been listening to the president address to the nation I picked up one thing only, just one thing. The mandatory part of vaccination the aim is to instill fear on people so that they fully vaccinate. Now he said it clearly that all companies should make vaccination mandatory to their employees. This is a harsh decision ever to be made to the people, this is indeed violation of the human rights. People who feel uncomfortable to vaccinate will be forced to vaccinate. This clearly shows that there is a cash to be made out of this vaccine. Indeed I've no doubt in believing that this is a new world order

And the issue of fresh air, is what worries me and baffled my mind I am under the impression that this virus is spread in a form or airborne condition, that will remain in the air and uses wind as a form of transport vehicles. Whenever we always open and use fresh airs is a way of inhaling and that's were the air contamination part comes in. The air we breath is no longer clean or fresh but contaminated by the virus. They spread this through airlines measures of new world order need to be successful, and implemented humans are the practical part of itIf this vaccination is not a scam at least one would have expect European countries to say "only vaccinated" are allowed to travel into their countries why complete ban. That's what happens when telling people that the food is ready while the pot is still on the stove, your scientists should learn to be careful before opening their mouth, that is if the virus is real. We dont need the western world, eastern world to survive guys its high time we Africans start to stand on our own because we have everything we need. It's only that we are lead by useless leaders who want to always beg for crumbs of whtes


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