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Opinion: Cape Town VS Harare, Why Does Harare Look Better?

I've heard a lot as a South African about how underdeveloped and underdeveloped most African nations are, but the reality is that most African nations are even more developed than South Africa. Take Harare, Zimbabwe, as an example. However, you could change your mind about other African nations after seeing these breathtaking pictures of Harare. I noticed this after comparing them to images of South Africa.

1. Harare:

Harare, which serves as both the nation's capital and largest metropolis, is home to around three million people. Infinite steel-clad high buildings rise from the city's CBD, the financial hub of the nation, and First Street and the city's downtown are teeming with shopping and congested with traffic from morning until night.

Additionally, history is preserved exceptionally well thanks to institutions like the National Gallery, the renowned Queen Victoria Museum, and the numerous historic pioneer structures. Aside from that, you may see lots of visitors enjoying their evenings in some lovely parks and meandering through the abundant jacarandas that line the streets.

2. Capetown

The city of Cape Town in South Africa is renowned for its magnificent natural beauty and unmistakable architectural genius. The transformation of this city is remarkable. Downtown Cape Town is home to a number of magnificent, towering, modern buildings. From above, it resembles New York almost exactly.

The rich history of Europe was greatly influenced by colonial rulers. Its infrastructure is among the best in the world. The Cape Town Stadium is one of the most impressive stadiums in the world with a great blend of architecture and technology....

In my visual perspective, Harare appears to be a more advanced metropolis than Cape Town does in the pictures. I still have a few unanswered inquiries.

Note: This contrast has made me feel humbled, thus I believe we should all be taught not to judge too quickly. Even if each of the aforementioned locations has its problems, the areas that are frequently described as being impoverished and underdeveloped look to be far more developed than our own. Because of its problems, Harare shouldn't be looked down upon because they may have made more progress than we have in some areas.

What do you think about these findings? Keep reading for more lifestyle news as it develops and let me know what you think in the comments area.

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