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R5K is 24K in Mozambique Currency, Enough To Visit These Amazing 4 Places

I feel like sometimes we're so obsessed with being broke that we don't even explore other cheap options we can exploit in order to enjoy some of the fruits that life offers, like traveling for instance.

To many people, when time someone mentions traveling, all they think about is Dubai and the huge amounts of Randelas it would cost to get that side but we got it all wrong. If only we lay back and gather our thoughts, we would realize that traveling isn't really that expensive, atleast in African countries like Mozambique.

Ever heard of the old saying that its important for you to travel so that you can expand you horizon and see new places and meet new people. Well that old saying was relevant when it was said, its relevant now and will always be relevant.

Now most people have actually concluded that vacationing to new places is really expensive. Well that statement is far from the truth because vacationing isn't really that expensive especially to places from our continent of Africa.

Let's take Mozambique for instance, one of our neighbouring countries. It has some really nice vacation spots and beaches that one would really enjoy themselves by spending a weekend there. Here's pictures of the holding destinations:

As y'all can see, these are some really nice places. Well not only are they nice but affordable too, atleast to South Africans. That's because R5000 amounts to about 24 782.95 Mozambican Metical and this amount is enough for these holiday destinations.


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