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Zimbabweans Permits In SA Might Be Cancelled This Year, They Are at Risk Of Returning Back Home

South Africa is one of the African countries that is home to millions of foreigners who are here for different reasons, but most of them are looking for opportunities in order to better their lives in the country that they come from. Just like in any other country, foreigners who want to come to South Africa to live in South Africa, work in South Africa or even study in South Africa need to follow the due process of ensuring that they get the necessary documents that allow them to be in the country.

There are many foreigners who are working in South Africa, especially those who live in the neighbouring country of Zimbabwe. Many of them did not follow the necessary process of getting the documentation that allows them to legally be and work in the country, and from time to time, this documentation needs to be renewed so that they can extend their stay in the country. Sadly,

it seems like things are going to be different this time, especially because many of the citizens have been complaining about the number of foreigners living in the country and the lack of opportunities because of them. It has been reported that thousands of Zimbabwean foreigners will not have their permits renewed in South Africa this year. 180 000 Zimbabwean Permits are going to expire by the 31st of December 2022.

Many of these Zimbabwean foreigners faced the risk of losing their jobs and losing everything else that they have obtained while working in South Africa, including bank accounts and being separated from loved ones. Too many of those who hire these foreign nationals are devastated by the news, while others who have been vocal about how they feel many of these foreigners need to go back home are pleased by the news.

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