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There's something surprising about the young lady from cape town, everyone talks about her.

Cape town is a great place with different tourist destinations with a great climate and a good environment to do business also to relax with your friends or family on a holiday.

But there's also something that can surprise you about cape town there's a catch which is the beautiful lady from cape town by the name of milisi, she's a dedicated young lady and also stylish young and innovative, as a young lady from cape town milisi discovered her own path in life and her path indeed will come with different challenges.

Her story is indeed one of inspiring stories.

it always take courage to be different and accept that you are different for a purpose there's something different about Milisi

She looks different than other ladies and she's happy and confident to be different, she accept that she's different and she's admired by many people for being different.

Since millisi she's different her life is indeed different as people do get surprised about her looks, for her it is a just a bonus because her looks makes her to be we known.

Many people believed on social media that milisi could be a guy but the truth is milisi she's a confident lady from cape town.

Although milisi shes from cape her being different on her face made her to be the talk of the town.

There's a lot that people can learn From milisi they can learn that it is ok to be different than other people, it is surprising for many that a person could be well known for being different than other people.


It comes with great courage for milisi to accept that everything that is on her body it is indeed the special gift from God and it is indeed a fact that you can't change who you are.

Many ladies try to change their image to look a certain way , but what is the truth is that the more you are able to accept who You are is the more you will be able to feel confident about yourself and be able to he different.


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