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South Africa is surprised by international travel ban by united Kingdom and many powerful countries

Many African countries incluriding South Africa surprised by the international travel ban by united Kingdom , And European union united state of America and the likes of Brazil turkey and many more developed countries. This is coming to place ,when we have new development of fourth wave that is generating , and also discovered in south Africa.

The western have taken Africa by storm when they Impose the travel ban to south Africa and many African countries , to travel on western countries. This have shocked south Africa and , is bad news because south depends on the western countries on the supply of vaccine. So this will lead to the slow vaccine supply.

in conclusion this simply means the European union and the rest of the country that ban some African countries they simply ban because they are free from the new covid19 development called ominent which was detected in south Africa. But we never ban them the time the covid19 was killing them the but we sympathize with them. This is a lesson that we African must learn from the western countries. To depend on our own medical facility to produce our own medical to meet our needs.

Sources sabcnews .com

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