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South Africa Has No Chill, Here Is Why We Are Never Leaving Mzansi.

It is never boring in South Africa, everyday we are faced with challenges that you will only find here in South Africa.

Who would want to leave this dramatic country? From the Government to the Residence, it is pretty clear that Mzansi has no chill.

So What Makes Mzansi Special?


Besides most of Africa, South Africa is always going through loadshedding. And even though it's a sour spot for our Mzansi residence, we can't help but laugh it off. 

Government Corruption

Everytime we turn on the news we have to listen to the horrible news about our Government stealing from us and using money that could've developed the country for their own person benefit. Do we cry or yell at the TV? No, we just make memes and laugh about it because there is no chill in Mzansi.


We thought our economy was bad but then came Coronavirus and now most of our people have lost their jobs, food and electricity is so expensive but even though it's hard, we laugh about it because that is the South African way.


Its not clear what Savanna does to mzansi but clearly its not just a drink. We have mzansi dancing with the Savanna on their heads, using the Savanna package wrap as a head gear and clothing.

So clearly there is a strong relationship between mzansi and Savanna. So of course we going to make memes about it because there is no chill in Mzansi!

And that is why we can never leave Mzansi. Our problems are so unique and bad but we can't help but laugh it off. Its the South African way.

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