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Venda is situated in Limpopo province, a large portion of Limpopo is occupied by Venda-speaking people. There are so many successful venda people who are well known all over the world. For example, our President Cyril Ramaphosa is a venda.

Many people know Venda as one of the most fertile land where people grow fruits and vegetables, and it is one of the villages that many people who have never visited assume is a poor village, but those who have visited Venda can agree with me that Venda is richer and more developed than many provinces.


Yes, Venda is comprised of villages, but the developmental of these villages is way more than in many provinces, especially when it comes to buildings. This is mostly because the majority of people who decide to build in Venda are not temporary; they build for their whole family and for their future, unlike in Gauteng. It is really rare to find a person building a mansion in Gauteng because most people there are outsiders who are there for employment purposes, so they just build shacks to have a temporary home while building real houses back at home in the villages.


People were left stunned after a mansion that is situated in Venda was posted on social media. See photo of the house below:


"When others are busy shopping in Sandton, these are the houses that the Vendas are building with cash in Thohoyandou. "No Bonds". Caption.




The accuracy in this is real. Many people who live in the cities spend their money on expensive clothes and cars. If you check around Sandton, many people are just renting without proper homes that belong to them.


But in Venda, the only people that you’ll find renting are those who are here for educational purposes; the rest are homes.


See more beautiful photos of beautiful houses that can be found around Venda:

Shout out to Venda Peole and Limpopo as a whole. Keep up the good work. For a man is no man without shelter.

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