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When I Visit A Foreign Country I Do As Told. Why Is It So Different In SA? - SA Man Asks.

When I travel to a different country, I always follow the locals' lead. Why Is It So Different In South Africa? - Man Wonders 

The immigration crisis that is affecting South Africa is not something that can be ignored. South Africans have organized several organizations, such as Operation Dudula, in an effort to get to the root of the situation; yet, a large number of immigrants continue to live in the nation and refuse to return home. 

On social media, a user by the name of Bret Raphael posed the question, "Why do people of foreign nationality in South Africa behave in such a different way?" He added "When I travel to other countries, I make it a point to shut up and listen, to do as I am told, to obey all of their rules and regulations, and to leave according to the terms of my visa. Why are things so different in South Africa with regard to foreign nationals who simply take advantage of our systems and then cry xenophobia when they are discovered?

It's possible that foreign nationals act the way they do because they assume that there is no possibility an African could hold a foreign nationality in Africa. However, this still sounds the same as claiming that no American may be a foreigner in the United States, which is incorrect because foreign nationals are expected to obey the rules of the country in which they are residing. 

People commented and said many things "They go even further, making comments on our tradition and customs, offering ideas as to who does and does not belong here, placing demands on our public officials, demanding free services, and bringing our government before the courts. The rudeness is beyond comprehension." 

"Because... they entered illegally... they obtained papers to stay unlawfully... they voted illegally for their benefactors... and now those who have been helping them want them gone ". 

Things have gone out of control, and the government needs to take something instead of standing by and watching as the country sinks further and more into the catastrophe. What are your thoughts regarding this matter? Please share your ideas in the comments section. Remember to give a like, share, and follow in order to receive further content and updates.


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