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OPINION |Top 6 Night Clubs to Visit in Cape Town & Johannesburg

South Africa is arguably the most culture-rich African country. Many decades of stable government and multi-ethnicity ensures that everyone will feel right at home. In fact, this beautiful country has the greatest diversity. So whether you are from America, Asia or Europe, you will find a community ready to welcome you with open arms. Moreover, it is blessed with great weather, long golden beaches and a landscape which makes it difficult for tourists to leave.

One thing visitors can’t get enough of is the nightlife. The party simply never stops in South Africa. Cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town seem to come alive at night. Plus the warm weather ensures that there is always time for a street party. Musicians from around the world choose to perform in South Africa, and the prices tend to be significantly cheaper.

Notably, if you enjoy calmer forms of entertainment, there are may jazz spots, cocktail bars and waterfront restaurants. There is always an experience waiting for you in South Africa.

Fortunately, South Africa is s highly advanced country. Therefore, you can easily get around using Uber and enjoy the nightlife to the full.

Cape Town Night Clubs

It is highly recommended that you visit Cape Town. Besides having a long, illustrious history, this city is famous for bringing together the very best of South Africa. For instance, there is the Sunset Strip which gives a great view of the horizon- perfect for couples. Long Street is perfect for those who like to live on the ‘wild’ side of life.

Although Cape Town is filled with many bars and restaurants, there are some which can be classed as exceptional.

1. Asoka

This is a high-end bar and a good place to start your night. It attracts famous DJs and people with deep pockets. You are likely to meet celebrities relaxing in Asoka. Moreover, it has an international selection of food and drinks which is sure to delight affluent tourists.

2. Fiction DJ Bar & Lounge

This is widely regarded as the best dance club in Cape Town. It has a huge dance floor and a terrace with breathtaking views. Security at this bar is tight and polite. I had highly recommend this place for a millennial tourist.

3. Crew Bar

This is inclusive and well known for attracting the gay community. Due to South Africa’s laws, it is one of the few places where gay people feel truly welcome. If you aren’t a member of the gay community and don’t mind the reputation, it is one of the best places to have a unique night.

4. Alexander Bar

This has something for everyone. You can indulge in musical performances upstairs and come back down for some drinks and light food. This bar attracts the creatives of Cape Town. It has a vintage, British theme. In keeping with that, you order drinks using a vintage phone. The phone can also be used to call customers sitting on other tables.

Johannesburg Night Clubs

Jo’burg is the largest and busiest city in South Africa. Many tourists are struck by how beautiful it looks. In fact, certain parts of this affluent city would rival the most affluent parts of the Western World. In brief, Johannesburg is the cultural melting pot of South Africa.

5. Parker’s Comedy & Jive

This attracts the best local and international comedians. People visit from all walks of life and they always put on a good show. Besides comedy, they also serve good food and cocktails. Due to the range of activities on offer, it might be the only place you need to visit.

6. Taboo

Don’t let the name fool you, because Taboo Night Club is an upmarket spot which attracts the go-getters of South Africa. International DJs entertain the crowds and it is usually packed. If you want to get some peace and quiet, there are a range of VIP booths. If travelling as a group a booth can prove to be inexpensive and an effective way to end the night on a high.

In conclusion, South Africa is a gem nestled in the heart of South Africa. During the day, it is filled with the hustle and bustle of economic activity. As night time approaches, the country lights up and people enjoy what this country has to offer. We can take care of your holiday and recommend the best places to visit based on your budget and personal preferences. Simply get in touch.

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