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Things That Are Normal In Dubai (UAE) But Strange In The Rest Of The World

1.Men greet each other with a nose kiss. 

This greeting is well-known in the United Arab Emirates and, by and large, in the Arabian Peninsula's southeastern region. It's not generally known in many parts of Saudi Arabia, and some people find it unusual. The number of kisses varies from one to three. 

2. They live in a country where they are a minority. Local folks are obviously uncommon to observe; yet, over 80% of the population is ostracized, which we approve of. 

3. "Dubai": Many people around the world believe the country is called "Dubai." Wait a minute, this is like to referring to China as "Shanghai" while completely ignoring Beijing. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country made up of seven emirates (States). Abu Dhabi is the country's capital. Its citizens are known as "Emiratis." And Dubai is the UAE's financial/travel industry capital. 

4. There are a lot of camels there. Costly… In 2008, the most expensive camel was sold for 10 million dirhams ($2.72 million), and their prices are rising. Camel dashing is also massive, with awards totaling 100 million dirhams ($27.2 million) in 2018. Camel owners compete with their vehicles to keep up with their camels. 

5. Common moves include the use of firearms, blades, and sticks. 

6. A few wealthy individuals pay millions of dollars for a vehicle plate with a lower digit. It's a strange thing that's commonplace there. It's possible that the plate number is more valuable than the vehicle itself, lol. 

7. Dubai Police have Bugattis, Aston Martin One-77s, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Bentleys among their fleet. Crooks are unable to flee quickly. 

8. According to the World Economic Forum, the UAE is the second most secure country on the planet when it comes to police. Leaving in the middle of the night is completely safe. While out for brisk goods shopping, a few folks left their automobiles running. 

They have gold ATM machines, for example. 

10. During Ramadan, people who live on or above the 80th floor of an elevated structure (for example, the Burj Khalifa, which is 161 stories) must fast for an additional two minutes because they see the sun for longer than those on the ground. They make a joke about it and tell anyone who can't wait another two minutes to break their fast on the ground and then get back up to continue eating. 

11. They eat camels in Dubai. A camel burger (sprinkled with gold, because why not?) is shown above. 

12. The Kandora is the proper attire for them (by and large called Thawb in the Arab world). It is amusingly worn for every occasion. Discourse, conferences, weddings, memorial services, visiting partners, or going to the grocery store are all examples of gatherings. They, like Steve Jobs, don't waste mental energy deciding what to wear first thing in the morning. They have become so accustomed to wearing it that they even use it as a nightgown. 

13. They never wear a Kandora to a dance club or bar; you won't be allowed in. Wearing the Kandora in these places is frowned upon (mostly for Islamic reasons), because it mimics insulting Emirati customs and undermining the open image of being Emirati. 

14. Everything is the best. They have the world's tallest structure. The world's best shopping mall... a wellspring, a garden, an indoor amusement park, a man-made island, an outline building, and so on. 

15. Range Rovers are incredibly popular in Abu Dhabi, the capital. 

The UAE is administered by six renowned families (factions) and seven emirates. 

17. If the Sheik has it, the entire nation rushes to get their hands on it. It's one of the mostimpressive marketing strategies. The Mercedes G63 AMG is a well-known vehicle in the UAE and the Arab Gulf region after Sheik Mohammed receptacle Rashed (the Prime Minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai) began driving one. 

18. The Obsession with Latte (Espresso) in Spain 

The formula is thought to have originated in Spain. They are enamored by Spain and its espresso. 

They have a day off (a desert atmosphere) 

Furthermore, if it is the middle of the year, no problem! They visit Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort that is just a massive chiller where you can ski. 

They have priests that are in their twenties. They do, in fact, have a Minister for Youth, who was appointed when she was 22 years old (most youthful clergyman on the planet). When he was 27 years old, he was named Minister of Artificial Intelligence. When she reached 30, she was appointed Minister of Advanced Sciences.

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