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South Africans Suffer The Curse Of Being Called Illegal Foreigners In A Powerful Country

South Africans Have Been called Illegal Foreigners By One Powerful Person In The US

Date: 2021/11/29

It has been reported by media24 that the governor of the United States of Texas Greg Abbot has openly said in one of his speeches, that South Africans are being treated like animals in the states after our scientists figured out the new variant that is called the Omicron variant which has been reported to be the worst is it spreads way much quicker.

UN condemns killing of illegal immigrants in Libyan detention center - CGTN

So better than the people get their shots as quickly as possible. The world will exclude us if we do not get on board and not take the good hits that will protect you and your family.

Vaccination is important, but it might not work on the new variant but it is good to take the vaccines that are already there, so if the companies create the new ones we can all get on the queue again and take the shots that are necessary. With the new variant out there, there is a new resurgence and the president has done something called a mandatory vaccine policy which will be good for all health care workers who are exposed more than anyone.

Not taking the jabs creates poverty in this country, the economy has to fully open with fully healthy employees because who will be productive, but then the shots sometimes might have side effects to other people with underlying health conditions.

South Africa has always had an issue with illegal immigrants, now finally they are doing what others are doing to them overseas, but the governor does not have the correct stats all they want is to divide and conquer so they can rule in peace without any form of stress.

Being illegal is not cool, if there are citizens who are there illegally they go and apply for their green cards and get isolated for a number of days. 


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