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The Genius Who Transformed A Dusty Airplane Into A House

Picture this: you are strolling through a forest, taking in all the natural splendor, when you suddenly walk straight into an airplane through the bushes. We are not kidding, an actual airplane in the middle of the woods! One’s initial idea could be that a plane met a disastrous end here. Or that it’s some airport’s junkyard. If you discovered this aircraft in the forests of Hillsboro, Oregon, you may have stumbled across the wonderful house of Bruce Campbell.

Despite Bruce having been deep into his mission of revamping freight vans, he chose to pursue the more pioneering effort of transforming a massive airplane. Further, he believed that the added difficulties of giving a wasted aircraft a second chance was worthier and more in line with his recycling philosophy.

Size did not matter at this stage, as his 10-acre plot could easily facilitate the project. Funding, however, was an issue, as there was the purchasing and moving of the plane from its original spot to his Oregon property to consider.

Campbell settled on purchasing a Boeing 727 airplane in 1999. He discovered a buyable model at Athens Airport’s Olympic Airways, then forking out $100,000 for the plane. This steep cost was just one of many, as he now had to figure out how to transport the titanic thing out of Athens Airport to his Hillsboro forest.

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