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Foreigners should not come to South Africa and relax but should travel back| post

The request to see immigrants leave the country by local South Africans is tense, everyday online is flooded with post of people talking about every negative thing they don't want about foreigners and things that foreigners are doing which are unlawful, a lot of them being crime and illegalities, foreigners are wanted out of the country by local South Africans and this time they are not hiding that they want them out and they are no longer afraid to be termed as xenophobic, a lot of locals are saying we had welcomed foreigners into our country, but we have seen the things immigrants are doing, immigrants that are in South Africa are accused of committing crimes and hijacking buildings, stealing jobs, scamming, fraud, killings, rape, drug trade and not positively building to the development country they are seen as people who are just emphasizing more pressure and poverty to South Africans, commiting crime, proud and they are wanted gone out of the spaza shop, of entry-level jobs, out from the streets and every position which they occupy because they are said to be contributing to the high unemployment rate in South Africa.

The online post says that foreigners should not come to South Africa to relax and hijack buildings, but should only come to study if they want to come and study and they should travel back to their countries , the post seems to suggest that foreigners are no longer wanted to stay in the country, however the immigration act states that foreigners will come into the country to study, business and work scarce skills jobs, but because a lot of them have been in the country illegally and those who fraudulently acquired accreditation are not necessarily doing business or study or working scarce skills job, they are wanted out of the country buy South Africans.



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