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OPINION| 61 travellers tested positive for covid, how because would have tested before boarding ?

LIVE | 61 travellers from SA test positive for Covid-19 after arriving in Netherlands ~ NEWS24

I don't know how full this flight was, and how many people in the airport they were in close contact with, must be 100's and 100's. Besides that all the passengers, pilots, crew all quarantined? Including all the people at OR or connecting flights to OR. Hells bells, you must be very busy on your contact list tracking. So news24, please post the exact process everybody is following, including the booking in staff (the touched passport and luggage), the people around them there, The people touching your bags packing into aircraft. My my, please let us know how this process works. Of course, when they disembarked and went through customs, more people touched tickets, passports, bags, so they will all have to be contacted, plus all the people they handled after, I mean do they sanitize the belt and the tray after every pass through x-ray? The Netherlands airport staff also quarantined? So if you are doing an article, give these details too

Somebody is playing a game of hide and sick with SA and they really wish for SA to have a downfall, I smell a lockdown Christmas its a pity for those who have to travel to their families, when this kind of things happen not forgetting the poor who cant buy online like the rich, the poor are gonna get more poorer if this thin persists. Now our biggest problem in South Africa is media, you guys report even small things and tomorrow your father will be saying, fellow South Africans and close the country. How is this possible, is there not a window period? So all these people must have been positive before boarding these flights, did they not have to test before flying? They could not have contracted the virus on the flights this sounds very odd. For the first time I am now starting to believe there is a whole propaganda pushing this. All these travellers would have surely tested before boarding. There are strict measures and checks before boarding an international flight in SA

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