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Check this out| Cyan Boujee charges R3000 and six redbulls for bookings

The secret is out. Did you all know that Cyan Boujee charges R3000 and 6 redbulls for bookings you all must check this.

Cyan Boujee is an influencer and a beautiful lady who is famous all over the social medias. She is now a Dj and she started to trend the day Karabo was telling the whole world about how They were involved in a car accident and Cyan did not get injured but then Karabo did. This was a very shocking story, because they were partying together.

There's a guy who posted about Cyan Boujee's prices of booking on twitter. Then people were surprised about how can she charges people R3000 while she is famous.

have a look at this :

Booking Cyan Boujee to perform at your event will cost you as follows: 

Booking fee: R3000

Transport: To be provided by organizer 

Flights and accommodation: Cyan, manager, MC and Assistant.

Ryder: 1 Moet, 1 Hennessy VSOP, 1 Jagermaister, Hubbly, 6 red bulls and a food platter

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Cyan Boujee Dj


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