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"The city of JHB was a world class city before Immigrants made it nightmare" - post

The richest city and the highly developed city in the country, Johannesburg, it is the economic hub of the country and the city people visit the most. A lot of great people, from politicians, leaders of businesses, celebrities live in and around the city of Johannesburg. It is a city that seats major companies and banks in the country. The city of Johannesburg was established in 1886 after the discovery of gold.

The city is a were a lot of people travel to have an improved life. It is were opportunities are. The city of Johannesburg as it is and was the great city it has been hijacked by mismanagement from leaders and has sections which are dilapidated and dirty were everyone does as they please and corrupt official.


The online post made by this man says that Johannesburg was a world class city before the ANC and illegal immigrants transformed it into a mightmare.


The city of Johannesburg was highly a city of whites and was a beauty, however after freedom was attained a lot of this white people moved out of the city and abondoned the buildings they owned and the Ruling party failed to regulate this building and city laws to maintain it's order and astheatic, the results of that were buildings which were dilapidated, dirty, hijacked and used for human trafficking. The streets are dirty, littered and sewages bursting .


The notion that the city of johannesburg is how it is now because of the ruling party cannot even be contented as a lie, but I would also want to get your opinion if your opinion is similar to this man who thinks foreigners have also changed the city of Johannesburg into the mess that it is now.


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