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Easy steps to wear off bad luck : Opinion

Many people are suffering for bad luck because of what they might have done to other people in the past. Most people like bewitching others after a relationship break up, or after seeing someone progress in their life. They use dark forces to make them lose focus in life and create means to make them suffer because they don't want to see them progressing more than them.

There's this mixture that can break your freedom away from those who have cursed you and want to see you suffering. The mixture is composed of different products that have worked wonders for others and made them to be successful ones again. It protects them from any form of evil formed against them and makes them more stronger too.

The mixture should be used for seven days consecutively so that the results can be shown very fast. Here's a list of the products to be bought

* Glycerine.

* One box of matches

*periperi powder

* Coarse salt

* 7 empty bottles of 1,25 litre


* methyl Spirit

Mix all the products in one big tub. From each use about 200ml per day in each bottle... Add the final products in that 1,25 litre bottle and shake them seven times. Put seven match sticks in them and shake them fourteen times. When done close the lid and shake the bottle till you get tired. Throw that bottle against a hard object and your problems will be solved if done for seven days. Don't forget to keep praying while doing it inside the bottle and telling God your problems.

Thank me later after seven days when you see results. This has helped alot of people and the keep doing it now and then because it's now becoming a lifestyle to protect oneself.

Content created and supplied by: Mmadibuseng (via Opera News )

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