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R151, 000 per night: South Africa's most expensive hotel room

When you talk about luxury hotel suites you might think the price range is something you can save up for using your salary all the money you have saved up for vacation purposes well that's not the case for Cape Town's selo hotel that has a penthouse suite with R151,000 a night.

According to businessinsider this price doesn't include all services however it includes breakfast and underground parking if you'd like to include meals and spa treatment I'm afraid would have to pay more.

A family of ten has to be extremely wealthy to be able to Lodge in this penthouse suite as it comes with a 10 seat dining room , you don't even have to go to the cinema anymore because it comes with one!

We have concluded that this hotel penthouse is not for the general public unless you have won the lottery or something but yes this would appeal more to luxury influences , celebrities and notable political figures that have their money in check. I don't even see an average person like me paying that amount of money just for one night it wouldnt be financially beneficial to me.

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