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In Shock Mauritius bans flights from South Africa for a month


News24To begin, I would want to state that travel restrictions are excessive and unneeded, that they seldom work - and that I believe they are unfair, unjust, and unjustifiable, as well as harsh.

Why did Mauritius decide to exclude South Africans from visiting the island?

This, I believe, is understandable. There is panic, and there is a political need to demonstrate that you are taking action and protecting the populace. In Mauritius, we are experiencing the fourth wave, which is bringing a slew of issues.

Muhktar Joonas, Mauritius Consul General in Cape Town

This decision was not made lightly, as they immediately halted all flights, leaving hundreds of people trapped in South Africa and pleading for help to return home.

The administration is now arranging repatriation flights using Covid standards.

South Africa has the technology, resources, and expertise necessary to detect variations - there are hundreds of variants circulating throughout the globe that no one is aware of - the trouble is that when someone steps forward to assist the world, they face repercussions.

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