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BAD NEWS FOR TOURISTS :New Zealand boarders remains inaccessible to tourist


Wellington New Zealand said Wednesday that it will not resume foreign tourists for at least five more months as the world's toughest pandemic border restrictions are gradually being relaxed. 

 Pacific Nation's COVID 19 responsive minister, Chris Hipkins, said New Zealanders stuck in Australia could return home in mid-January and kiwis traveling elsewhere would be allowed a month later. Foreigners will have to wait until the end of April for a gradual resumption on Wednesday. 

 "I admit it was hard, but I'm seeing the end of a severely restricted trip," Hypkins told reporters. New Zealand closed its borders in March last year, requiring all international visitors to quarantine hotels for two weeks, but recently it has been reduced to seven days. 

 Hypkins said that under the new regime, travelers would be fully vaccinated and self-quarantined for seven days if they passed a series of COVID 19 tests. 

 This move is under increasing pressure from New Zealanders abroad who are dissatisfied with the inability to book locations with overloaded hotel quarantine systems. 

 Local media regularly reports that the quarantine room is unavailable and Kiwi cannot return home to visit his dying relatives. The previous strategy of completely eliminating the 

 virus killed only 40 out of a population of 5 million, but authorities have admitted that Delta was unable to reach its goal. 

 Hypkins admitted that many New Zealanders wanted to open the border at Christmas, but said it was not a realistic expectation. "There is still a pandemic with increasing cases in Europe and elsewhere in the world," he said. 

 "So we have to be careful when reopening the frontier. That's what we do and what we always do." 

 Hypkins, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Fiji and Brazil will no longer be classified as very high-risk countries from next month, and citizens will be able to travel to New Zealand from April 30. 

 He said the "custom" arrangement could allow international students and Australians to travel before April 30, but there is no guarantee.Wellington New Zealand announced on Wednesday that it will not resume foreign travelers for at least five more months as the world's toughest pandemic border restrictions are gradually being relaxed. Chris Hipkins, COVID 19 Response Minister of the 

 Pacific Nation, said New Zealanders stranded in Australia will be able to return from mid-January, and Kiwi traveling from elsewhere will be allowed a month later and will be phased in again on Wednesday. Said. 

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