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The picture of an aeroplane trends on Twitter after people noticed something strange

The picture of an aeroplane has resulted in a heated discussion on social media platforms. This comes after many people noticed something very strange, and interesting that was happening in this earonplane. Every transport has its own rules, if you are driving a motorcycle it is important that you put the helmet on for the sake of your safety.

Same thing applies, before an earonplane takes off, the pilot must ensure that all the widows are closed if widows can be opened. After the picture of this earonplane was posted on social media; People noticed that the pilot has his hand dangling out of the plane as if he was just driving a car. Twitter then turn all this into a joke, they assumed that this pilot was a taxi driver "When a taxi driver becames a pilot" jokingly said an influencer. Many more people hopped into the comment section and share their thoughts on this matter "people gonna die" said a worried Twitter user. "I guess we wouldn't buy tickets before we board, we would just pay cash starting from the back seat iza nga 4" jokingly said a Twitter user.

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