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Flying jetpack 2021 built for stunt flying machine

The project of building the jetpack took about 5 years to be full complete it's called jetpack 2022 because it will launch then people will then get access to it but now only the manufacturer has its access only testing it out the environment.

The jetpack has a lot of benefits or let's just say advantages, it is user friendly. It uses air and it doesn't emittes carbon dioxide into the environment.

It takes up to one person, when it was produced the. It was made to assist people to get to the air and play around but after production. Now the jetpack can be used to travel and avoid vehicle traffic or the road.

Technology is Making easy for people to do things now if you can't walk more like disable you can you this jetpack to fly.

Videos of this jetpack are on social media the first one was posted on Instagram by an anonymous user on Instagram. Demonstrating how it functions and how it is used.

The video also shows how high you can go with the jetpack and as we all know that everything has disadvantages. The disadvantage of the jetpack is that it is not safe since your body is exposed outside when flying. If the engine stops you will crush with nothing to shield you or to protect you.

That should be the only disadvantage that needs to be taken into consideration before the launch of the jetpack.

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