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OPINION| African countries were not suppose to ban South African travellers

When India had a new variant everyone here was like why didn't South Africa ban people from India. Most countries did. Same situation here. Until they know more it makes sense. But too late the way this thing spreads it's all over the world soon. I suppose we are all just hoping it is not more deadly than the previous variant. I wonder why Aouth Africans are crying to go out to Africa when they have everthing with them. I think it's time for them to work up and believe that they can not everytime depend on their own 

So what about their troubles that we are stuck with here in SA that roaming our streets, it seems all of them must pack and go this thing is simple they don't want us and we don't want them. Colonisation is still something strong to get ride off in our African mind. Calling western countries wealthy countries while we all know most of them do not deserve to be labeled as such since we  their wealth comes from stolen african ressources up now. Bust still we believe we are poor countries, poor nations. There is à time we got to reject that illusional and corrupted fate for once, even Mr president believe we poor As African states let's learn to be independent from these European countries, because everything in minerals is found here in Africa, the problem is our corrupt African leaders, if it wasn't for them, the west will be begging us for our resources, they ban flights from Southern Africa, but they don't ban flights from these other European countries were this variant has been detected, very racist what the west is doing. The million dollar question sud be why did SA even announce anything. Did SA think they gona give us a gold star? All these countries already knew about this virus bit kept mum why did SA have to announce it on media

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