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Top 5 Amazing Festivals to Experience Around the World

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival – Manchester, Tennessee

This is not just any music festival. Unlike other music festivals you may know, Bonnaroo is not only an amazing place for all music and art lovers but also for all people wishing to participate in eco-friendly, sustainable initiatives. This festival offers hundreds of acres of Tennessee nature, numerous impressive pieces of artwork all around, and performances from a wide range of performers like Eminem, Paul McCartney, Beach Boys and Tool. In addition to the fantastic line-up each year, you can find many art workshops, craft workshops, a cinema tent and even some yoga.

Whirling Dervishes Festival – Konya, Turkey

This fascinating annual festival commemorates the death of 13th-century saint Mevlana, commonly known in Turkey as Rumi. This Islamic scholar even after 750 years is the best-selling poet not only in Turkey but in the United States. He believed that it was possible to communicate with God through music and dance, and that is what this festival is all about. You can see the whirling dervishes, who are men in traditional white or colored skirts who can twirl with the music in the most mesmerizing way. This is one of the most breathtaking dances you’ll ever have a chance to see.

La Tomatina – Valencia, Spain

If you’re looking for something fun, cheerful and crazy, this is one of those festivals you cannot miss. Held annually, this gigantic Spanish tomato-throwing festival is one of Europe’s favorites and most controversial. Of course, they have a set of rules to prevent visitors from hurting each other, some of them being no hard objects and requiring tomatoes to be squished before throwing them at someone.

It’s a completely new experience for everyone who comes there for the first time, but also an unforgettable one. After the tomato fight, you must attend the enormous shower that follows and dancing in the streets of Valencia.

White Nights Festival – St. Petersburg, Russia

The name ”white night” comes from the magical phenomenon that happens in the lovely city of St. Petersburg when the sun is present from May to July so that it doesn’t get dark. Of course, Russians have to celebrate this event by organizing a beautiful festival that consists of a series of ballet, opera, and classical music performances.

There is probably no better way to experience the true beauty and elegance of Russia than by visiting this festival. Also, the Scarlet Sail is a huge part of the White Nights festival when incredibly illuminated boats pass though followed by some amazing fireworks.

Día de Los Muertos – Mexico

Día de Los Muertos, commonly known as ”The Day of the Dead,” is far from being as scary as the name might imply. This holiday is all about gathering with your friends and family to remember the ancestors and deceased loved ones who have helped you on your spiritual journey.

With colorful decorations everywhere, this festival has a vibrant spirit that’s unlike any other. You can also witness some traditional customs such as Ofrendas, where festival participants build altars, prepare food and gather gifts for their deceased. If you’re looking for a colorful and festive celebration look no further than Día de Los Muertos.

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