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Johannesburg - The city of Garbage

Johannesburg/ Joburg / Jozi

Jozi was known all over Africa as the city of gold, where you can go to be SOMEONE. A place we're the streets are paved with gold, and opportunities lurked in every corner. The epitome of success, and a beacon of hope for the entire Africa.

These days the only thing lurking in corners in the Golden city are drug addicts, and hungry youths...With you being the opportunity.

As a first time visitor I was overwhelmed. Not by the sheer size of the place, but by the Garbage. Where other cities have side walks Johannesburg has trash, and street vendors in every space available.

Where to visit : Don't go! Don't even drive through the city unless you're in the mood for potholes and a hijacking. Its the kind of place you go to if you have a trash fetish. It's a testament of how much our government has failed.

whats beautiful : Diversity - You'll find people from all over the world here, but I don't know if its a good thing.

Maboneng - The place of lights is one of the few places in Johannesburg that is worth seeing. Let's call these places oases. There isn't a lot of them.

What's really ugly : Drugs! Drugs! Drugs and prostitution ( unless you're into those kinds of things), pickpockets and potholes. It is filthy and you can't trust the buildings not to fall on you. The cleaner quieter streets are unsafe. You could be walking down the street one minute, and wake up in Thailand wearing a naughty nurse costume the next.

Verdict : places like Johannesburg should come to mind when you cast your vote in the next elections.

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