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Top Five Most Dangerous Countries in the World, Especially No.3

Some countries are blessed with beautiful tourist destinations and loved for their safety and beauty.

However, there are some highly dangerous countries feared throughout the world by travelers, here are the top five most dangerous.

5. Papua New Guinea

There is a lot of political instability in this country, corrupt government corruptions which has led to over 75% of the country’s total population unemployed and living in abject poverty.

Well its always the case should there unemployment rate be that high, most of the people depend on crime and prostitution as a way to feed themselves making this region highly unstable.

4. Afghanistan

The state was successfully usurped and the government overthrown by the Islamic terrorist group Taliban, who now runs the country and all affairs and economy of the entire state.

Life under Taliban rule has taken a curve for the worst especially for the women living there due to the restoration of the Sharia law.

3. South Africa

Mzantsi is considered as the most dangerous country to drive your car in according to a research conducted by the international driver education company Zutobi.

Murder rate and substance abuse is worrisome in this region and the outspread of HIV & AIDS is on its all highs.

2. South Sudan

Most deadly attacks happen in this country both domestic and international terror takes places with aims to over throw the current government in power and replace it a new Islamic state government and constitution.

1.El Salvador

This is probably the worst and most dangerous country in the world, with a murder rate of 83 people out of 1000 inhabitants making them very unstable and dangerous to visit.

Drug & human trafficking is the highest contributor to this challenge the nation faces.

Which other countries do you believe make this list? please share your thoughts on the comment section down below.


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