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Take A Look At The 4 Most Mysterious Locations In Africa That European Countries Wish They Had

The wonders of Africa never cease to astound those who come to see them. In addition, when I say "wonders," I'm not just referring to the pyramids of Giza. The top 4 most intriguing places on the African continent are detailed in today's post, which include everything from an abandoned movie theater in the center of the Sinai desert to the Lagos snake in Lagos. 

The abandoned movie theater

It is located in Egypt's Sinai desert, on its northern coast, and is a mystery as to why it has been abandoned. There are a number of chairs that have been precisely set in anticipation of a spectacular outdoor cinema experience that has yet to take place. It turns out that an unnamed Frenchman and his group of friends came up with the idea of creating a theater in the middle of the desert, replete with a generator, a big screen, and hundreds of seats, which they executed successfully. However, on the day of the theater's opening, the town's residents smashed everything because they didn't like the location of the building. To this day, the theater, which is located deep in the Sinai desert, has gone unnoticed. 

The Seven-Colored Earths

Seeing the seven-colored ground of Mauritius is a wonderfully intriguing sight to behold. Although most people believe that dirt is only available in the color brown, you'll be astonished to hear that Mauritius' earth is available in a variety of colors including reds, browns and violets as well as greens, blues, purples and yellows. 

Lake Natron

Lake Natron is a mineral-rich soda lake in northern Tanzania, near the Kenyan border. It is a popular tourist destination. The scarlet tint of the water, which resembles blood, distinguishes this body of water from others. The water's crimson color was caused by high levels of soda and salt in the water, which raised the water's alkaline state, turning it crimson and potentially toxic in the process. 

Snake Island in Lagos

Lagos Snake Island is a very distinctive and popular island in Lagos, Nigeria. It was given this name because the island's populations developed in a snake-like pattern, which gave the island its name. 

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