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OPINION| Instead of Rwandair supporting the Southern African countries, they decided to ban them too

Travel updates for passengers traveling to & from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lusaka and Harare ~ Rwandair 2020 South Africa opened its borders to all African countries after lifting certain restrictions which it had imposed due to Covid-19, but banned certan countries from EU, Asia and Americas. The reason for South Africa to make exceptions to all African countries irrespective of their infections rate in their countries, was to be accomodative as many use our country as stop over to EU, Asia and USA but also for business. Now Angola and Rwanda have banned South Africans to fly into their countries or allow their flights into SA. We maybe angry with them but they are decisive when it comes to putting their people and interests, what about us? Has time not arrived to be bold and make decisions that have interests of our people first? 

I felt somehow lost in the noise I couldn’t understand why a whole state such as South Africa doesn’t seem to comprehend issues on sovereignty, self determination self interest. Other countries have hearts of steel and put interest of their people first, but that seems hard to our leader. Foreigners once blocked Arcadia streets today protrsting and demonstrating. We were unable to access our work place in our own country, this country is a joke because foreigners hold us at ransom and go to our very own president to make their demands. No South African can do that in any of the foreign country, let alone to criticize their government whilst staying or being in those countries, foreigners don't take us serious no wonder why Angola and those other countries are banning our flights. It is high time that we need to start being serious about taking charge of our own country, and stop being too soft internationally whilst being undermined by other countries

We are in the government that suffers from the addiction of wanting to be the darling of the region and of cross continent, we are suffering from the sweetheart complex and cost us lives, jobs and furthermore conomy, we are having unregistered people in our country if our messianic complex was serving us well, why are not seeking to register them. We turned ourselves into a father nation of all ungrateful orphans who always drew orphanage card of xenophobic, whenever discipline is required by citizens. It is very easy for others to close borders on us looking out for their own, as for us if we try that you will hear the cry of the ones whose name I cannot mention wearing RED, saying that they are our brothers wanting to sacrifice the lives of the citizens whose votes they fight for during election, why are they not seeking election sympathy from outside if that is the case. I am angry at non caring leadership and opposition there of. Instead of Rwandair supporting the southern African countries, you have also decided as an airline to lock the southern African countries like the Western countries and others ? This is very disappointing

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