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South Africa is definitely not the target market.

South African voted the most beautiful country in the world The town of Franschoek, for instance, has been named amongst the five finest towns in the world, and Cape Town is more often than not picked as the world's most beautiful city by travel firms and tourists alike, because of its unparalleled natural setting and gorgeous architecture.

South Africa has gorgeous beaches, beautiful mountains and plenty of other things which are worth bragging.

As much as it is a beautiful country , the one thing amongst other things that are not good about this country is crime. Level of crime in South Africa is very high . Crime levels have been attributed to poverty, problems with delivery of public service, and of wealth disparity.

A guy posted a picture on Twitter showing a something South Africans can try out.

The tweeps didn't even think twice, but told him that the idea will definitely not work in our country . South African is not the target market for this type . It can only be suitable for family gatherings or at work not in public.


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