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WATCH|| Zimbabweans In South Africa Are Yet Again In Danger

Tensions are high and up again in South Africa between foreigners and South Africans. South Africa is home to many people from different parts of the world, especially from other African countries.

South Africa might be a developing nation like other African countries, but its economy is much better than most African nations. People from other African countries live in devastating economies and find themselves in extreme poverty. Where they lack opportunities for employment and to improve their lives and those of their families,

So, because many of them live in countries that are like this, they search for the nearest country with a better economy that will provide them with better living conditions. Thousands of foreigners are currently living in South Africa and many of them come from the neighbouring country of Zimbabwe. Some of them are here legally for work and to become citizens of South Africa, while others are illegally here. Tensions are high between Zimbabwean foreigners and some South Africans because they feel like the country is being flooded by many South Africans while it has its own problems as well.

A video trended on social media showing Zimbabwean foreigners being chased in Johannesburg. It seems like South Africans are taking matters into their own hands and removing illegal foreigners from their communities. In the video, the South African police service is seen arresting undocumented immigrants, and some people are also burning down some of the small stalls owned by these foreigners. Tege Mistreatment of foreigners has always been documented and televised, but it seems like now not so much anymore. South Africans are clearly tired of the country becoming home to undocumented people.

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