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3 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe (travel) part 3

11. Venice, Italy

It’s hard to think of European romance without conjuring images of Venice. Picture yourself sitting with your new spouse in the back of a traditional gondola, floating along an enchanting canal as the gondolier sings. Pretty dreamy, isn’t it?

Now add adorable stone bridges crossing said canals, flanked on either side by a kaleidoscope of buildings that look as if they’re about to fall into the waves below. Don’t forget the vast piazzas, lined with outdoor cafés and restaurants serving mouthwateringly fresh Italian dishes and the most delicious of gelatos.

Venice is a land filled with fairy tales, and you’ll need at least a few days (better yet, a week) to absorb its art, music, culture, and style. Basilica di San Marco (the iconic mastery of a church) will make you feel small while you hold hands on a tour of its glamorous insides. Piazza San Marco is vast, gorgeous, and utterly unmissable.

12. Seville, Spain

Seville exudes romance at every turn. From the undulating sound of horse hooves on cobblestone to the fairy-tale buildings to the narrow, secret laneways, there’s little not to love about this Spanish town.

Less crowded than Spain’s bigger cities (we’re looking at you Madrid), you won’t have to jostle through crowds to enjoy the beauty offered in this lovely spot. Palm-lined walkways lead visitors to Seville's best attractions.

The most romantic spot in all of Seville is arguably the Parque de Maria Luisa, home to the 5,000-square-meter Plaza de España. Here, you’ll find horse-drawn carriages lapping a grandiose fountain and boats you can ride through its lovely canal. Balustraded balconies and ceramic-tiled pavilions highlight the massive Renaissance building created for the Ibero-American Exposition in 1929.

13. Lisbon, Portugal

Set at the mouth of the River Tagus, Portugal’s capital boasts a lovely waterfront. Visit the Doca De Santo Amaro to enjoy a meal with a view in one of the trendy converted warehouses. While here, book a ride on the uber-fun HIPPOtrip, an amphibious vehicle tour that passes Lisbon’s most iconic sites on both land and sea.

Known as the “city of seven hills,” Lisbon offers a bevy of spots to enjoy incredible views, especially from the hilltop Castelo de São Jorge, near Alfama.

Also known as the Old Quarter, Alfama is especially alluring. Its narrow, winding streets are peppered with offshoots of steep stairways leading to museums; 17th-century churches; stone arches; and terraces, cafés, and restaurants. Other things to do include visiting the bi-weekly (Tuesday and Saturdays) flea market if you’re into scavenging for a good find.

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