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Heritage Month: Meet the Venda people and their traditional clothes

Source: Lifestyle-101 (Opera news writer opinion)

As we still on heritage month a day after heritage month we decided to share with you or tell you more about different tradition and cultures. Today we going to tell you more about Venda tradition.

Venda people are one of the most beautiful people in South Africa who are originally based in Limpopo Province, which is one of the beautiful place with nice and attractive places to visit.

The Venda culture is built on a vibrant mythical belief system, and water is an import theme, believing lakes and rivers to be sacred, and that rains are controlled by the Python God. One of the most sacred sites of the Venda is Lake Fundudzi.

As nice as they stay in one of the well fertilised soil that produces fresh fruit and vegetable, they are well known for fresh bananas. Most of the Big supermarket are supplied with fresh fruits from venda.

They are also well known for the one of the biggest tree in Africa, yes the biggest tree which is called Baobab Tree. Most of the people do visit the place or the big tree as part of exploring tourism site.

Maize is a staple food to date, they are able to do their own maize meal using maize. It is ground then prepared into a porridge that can be eaten plain, as pancakes or as an accompaniment to stews and meat.

The main traditional Venda food is Tshidzimba, which is a mixture of beans, groundnuts, and maize and it is one of the delicious food ever.

Their traditional clothes are also one of the beautiful thing ever that makes them look more beautiful as you can see from pictures they are beautiful.

They are also known for their traditional dance called Domba, Tshikona and Malende.

As you share your views with us what is that you love about Venda tradition? Comment on the comment box below and share your views with us and also follow us to keep more updated with other tradition and cultures.

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