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Traveling with little or no money

We all want to get away sometime and have a little bit of fun but the one thing constantly hindering us from living our best lives is “money”. 

Well what if I told you there are other ways of traveling whilst being paid to do so? Take teaching abroad as an example, If English is your first language or fluent with it. You can go to any accredited TEFL institution and get yourself qualified to start teaching English abroad. Be it Thailand, Spain , Vietnam etc you will be cashing in coins whilst exploring the city.

Another way to cheat the pocket is Aupairing, live with a family full time and still embarking on all the sightseeing and ticking things off your bucket list. There’s more that you can get from aupairing , be it getting your driver’s license for that specific country or taking extra classes here and there to have better work experience when you come back home.

Take air hostessing for instance, companies like Emirates, Qatar Airways go to most countries looking for cabin crew and all of this is at little to no cost for you. You get to live in a specific country during your contract period and traveling the world every now and again. You’re basically killing two birds with one stone here!

Well for cases where you just want to travel and have fun without doing any labor, Here’s a travel trick. Booking your flights in advance this gets you to save some extra coins and it’s a bonus if you’re traveling on off peak seasons. Limit your Uber trips when you get there and get in the hang of taking their local mode of transport.

Lastly accommodation is always a very tough hurdle to jump but times have changed and hotels are not really a thing anymore. To explore a certain city whilst getting to know the locals Airbnb is the new way to get accommodation on a budget. Select the city you’re at , your preferred price range and you’re good to go!

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