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Strange Things Found By Airport Security - Photos

Source: (Top 25 weirdest things found by Airport Security/TSA!)

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Strange things happen all the time at airport security, according to those who work for airport security teams all across the world. Airports may be a crowded environment, with people, luggage, and bags strewn about everywhere!

1. The Hammer of Thor!

As unbelievable as it may seem, this viking deity flew through Vermont's Burlington International Airport in 2014! Who knows why this is?

It must be noted, though, that it was a wooden mallet, not a hefty metal one, so he was probably only practicing! Sledgehammers and mallets can be used as bludgeons and are prohibited as carry-ons, thus the TSA confiscated the item. They can, however, be checked in! As a result, Thor will have no issues in the future!

2. Gold bullion worth $1.2 million dollars.

This isn't a plot from GoldFinger, James Bond's arch-nemesis. This was spotted during the plane's clean up on a normal travel from Mumbai to Bangkok! I've heard of people forgetting their phones, but this is ridiculous.

India is well renowned for regular gold smuggling, according to a source at Mumbai airport.

3. Taser with lipstick.

As a result, some people believe that traveling alone as a woman can be frightening. Rather than learning self-defense or avoiding dangerous alleyways, one woman decided to bring her attractive liptick taser with her. This was discovered in the back of a woman in Vermout. 350,000 volts was the exact voltage!

4. A Deceased Person

We're astounded by how many people have attempted to pass a body off as a "sleeping" passenger, such as the family who tried to smuggle a 91-year-old dead man onto a flight by putting him in sunglasses and dumping him in a wheelchair to avoid paying a fee, or the mother-and-daughter team who tried to smuggle a 91-year-old dead man onto a flight by putting him in sunglasses and

5. Cannonball

Did you know that cannonballs can keep their explosive properties for years before spontaneously detonating? Neither did the diver who tried to bring home an old cannonball he found near a shipwreck in 2012, unfortunately for the 290 passengers who were delayed at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport.

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