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Hakuna Matata : Zanzibar ;Tanzania has our hearts

Enroute to Tanzania BUT before we got there , we had a lot to go through. When we arrived at the airport in Lamu to fly back to Nairobi , they apparently could not find my booking I literally could not board on to the flight unless I booked and paid again. I was so heartbroken , but apparently the travel agent I used booked with a airline that is not an airline but a travel agent as well. It all sounded like a scam . I was upset but I booked again, we then got to Nairobi , when we landed we rushed to the clinic by the airport, paid that inflated rapid result PCR test and we waited. They said within 3 hours , and I was calm hey. We wanted to check in our bags but how the airport in Nairobi is set up, you can not go into the airport without showing A negative covid certificate, we then had to wait and wait and we waited and then the 3 hours had passed , we panicked, started calling and they only sent the results when check in closed. We tried calling the pilot but shame it was too late, so we missed our flight , it was so sad and draining, I was literally ready to go back to Johannesburg. I had paid for that Lamu flight TWICE and now I have missed this flight, after paying extra money for that “rapid results” option, I was unhappy, drained and ready to come back home honestly , I was tired.

BUT we had pre-booked accommodation and this is life Nothando( I thought to myself) , just get to see it through my boy! You are here already. After letting reality sink in , we went through various options of getting to Zanzibar, bus, flights ferries, we just reworked our plan. We ended up with flying to Dar Es Salaam then flying from there to Zanzibar. Our original flight was at 19:25 , but now we were flying at 23:00 and landing in Dar es salaam at 1 am. Then flying out 7am and landing in Zanzibar around 7:30 am. So yeah, a whole six to 7 hours of sitting on a bench again… this reminded me of our stop in Ethiopia. I couldn’t sleep this time, in Ethiopia I slept like a baby.

I was still quite travel fatigued just going through the motion and we eventually made it onto our little plane. As soon as I saw that blue water , I was soo energized, God is amazing and we are freaking going to Zanzibar ! how dare you be grumpy and tired. You are here ! I was definitely ready to travel and explore again, it also did not feel like we missed a day, we were so happy. Checked into the Airbnb in Stone Town, that was such a let down, it was dark , dingy and smelt moldy , it looked like the pictures but definitely did not feel like them. We were too tired to overthink it but it definitely dampened the mood. We just slept though , from around 10 am to 2 pm ( we were jet lagged but because of missing the flight). Around the evening we decided to go to Cape Town fish market, we came back and rested still.

Following day were going to the beach , ZANZIBAR, which was an hours drive. We arrived and were ready to vacation. We were happy. Had lunch , swam and happy hour-ed.

This was pretty much how Zanzibar went, Late-ish start, but I had breakfast, took a walk on the beach and then went back to to our room to shower and get ready. We had lunch, it was so delicious and then just laid in the beach , being lazy beach bums. We then had a late lunch but it was not good at all so we decided to go back to our initial lunch spot for dinner , they had an amazing menu there! 

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