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"We Decided to Withdrawn Transit visa Exemption and Reinstate Transit Visa Requirements" - Aaron

Min Motsoaledi: I wish to announce that we have decided to withdraw the transit visa exemption and reinstate transit visa requirements for Bangladeshi and Pakistani ordinary passport holders from 1 August 2022.

I still think that these guys are part of a bigger network, possibly financing or financed by syndicates elsewhere. The way they’ve monopolized tuckshop industry in townships and villages tells me something is fishy, possible cleaning dirty money or financing terrorists.

100z, something is not straight here , opening and running a shop takes a lot of money, these guys in the shops are mostly young, where the hell do they get that money? Their shops are always fully stocked, cheap smokes, they've Def got their mafia going. 

People on townships will suffer where will they buy R5 bread?  

Think outside the box, with these people gone means people in townships can now open their spaza’s without competition from the pakistans who will always make prices less because everything they sell is fake. You're not our spokesperson ska re phaphela abuti, there is R5 bread ko shop rite, you are probably one of those who rent out garages to them. So, you buy “5 rand.” poisoned bread from them? Follow them to Somalia then because you are definitely speaking for yourself. They must leave with that R5 loaf of bread, enukayo. Haven’t you seen videos showing how unhygienic their shops are? They urinate inside the shops, I’m sure bayanya as well . Sies. You see this mentality is wrong, y dnt you see it as an opportunity for you to supply the very same bread, it means the visa application will be stricter no in and out. Example like us when you apply for the USA. You're merely making emotional decisions sir and this will backfire. Just watch the space. What about those who came here fraudulently running spaces when are you going to round them up? In simple terms.

No more moving to SA freely.

Now they have to undergo process before being allowed to land in SA; hence, majority will now be rejected to travel into South Africa. Thank you. What about the ones already illegally in SA? When will you talk to the Bangladeshi and Pakistani govt. to come fetch their people? We can’t afford to jail all of them, they really shld be sent back home and prohibited from ever entering South Africa. But we desperately need a Zondo Commission of Inquiry into the affairs of the SA Department of Home Affairs, seems like there’s a lot going on there that we don’t know. There are funny and strange, nonsensical laws and regulations that need to be revisited.


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Aaron Min Motsoaledi


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