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Rules for inter-provincial traveling in level 4. 1 May 2020

The government has laid out the new regulations for inter-provincial traveling which only allows people to travel if there are compelling reasons by getting a permit to attend the funerals of close relatives.

Inter-provincial traveling will only be allowed under strict conditions in the Level 4 of the national lockdown regulations, which is taking effect this 1 May 2020. Travelers only have a 7-day window period, and they need to present a proof of residence.

Besides, for those who travelled to other provinces at the earlier beginning of the lockdown or those who had permits to travel to attend funerals of close relatives, they are allowed to return to the province they left from if they have good enough reasons to return to their belonging. Which include those who have to return to work and those who may probably have found a new job in another province. However, once they move back to their provinces, they will not anymore be allowed to travel back and forth or travel during weekends to the other provinces.

Finally, people who travel daily between two provinces for work purposes can be allowed to do so only if they have a permit to travel.

The image below outlines the rules in level 4 of the lockdown.

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